Saturday 22, 2011

Day 12

Welcome All,
Today we head South through the Faming Gorge to Vernal, Utah.

The weather could not be better.

We spot some pronghorns.

We have to stop and wait for the cowboys to drive the cattle across the road.

Never know whose bones you will find out here.

Prilly sees a farm she wants.

A lot of cool rocks out here.

This bull may not have any horns but he still made me back up.

Sheep Creek Canyon is at the bottom of Flaming Gorge.

The rocks and mountains seemed to be tipped in all directions.

The trees will take root just about anywhere.

Big Spring is coming out right under this mountain.

The amount of water is surprising.

Fossilized rock.

Twisted mountain.

Fossilized Sand Dunes

Steinaker State Park

Lake Steinaker

We get into Vernal, Utah and meet our granddaughter who is now living here.

See you on Day 13
Ralph , Prilly & Sue


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