Tues Oct 11, 2005

DAY 15

Finally the sun is out and no rain, got up to 60 degrees.
This map shows our progress thus far. As you can see we have made the turn
for home and landed in Douglas Wyoming for the night. The next two days we will
be heading to Salt Lake Utah and be flying home on Friday.

First we pass Mt Rushmore and snap a picture from the road. We were not going to pay
another 8 bucks just to park again.

About 20 miles from Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial is the largest ongoing
sculpture in the world. It is awesome !

A tribute to all Native Americans.
Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski started this project at the age of 40 in 1948.
Korczak died in Oct 1982 but his work goes on by his wife and 10 children.

What it will look like when finished.

There is no time table of when it might be completed. Right now they have about 7 workers
working on it year around. Like all things money dictates how fast they go.

The size is overwelming.

A mountain of solid granite.

This gives you an idea how much rock still needs to be removed.

To give you an idea of this guy's God given talent, Korczak at the age of 21 carved this horse's
head from solid mahogany in just 9 days.

Now we travel south to the Black Hills wild horse Sanctuary.

Home of 500 wild Mustangs.

The wild turkeys and horses seem to live in harmony.

All colors and sizes.

Some nose to nose.

Some willing to pose.

Finally got Prilly to cook something.

Old school on the prarie.

Leaving South Dakota.

Pronghorn deer are all over this area.

Looking across Wyoming, as the sun sets to a beautiful day.

Tomorrow heading across Wyoming.

See you then,
Ralph & Prilly

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