Mon Oct 10, 2005

DAY 14

Today cold and rainy about 40 degrees.
This bridge was unusual. It was made of wood.

We finally made it. This is some place I have always wanted to see.
Mt Rushmore

I was quite surprised that it wasn't as big as I pictured it. I thought it would be massive.

They all look like they were crying. It's no wonder with our government in the shape it's in.

Here is a view you don't often see.

On the way out this guy was looking down on us.

We stopped to see the Crazy Horse Memorial but he was in the clouds. Maybe tomorrow.

We moved on to Custer State Park and was amazed by all the big rocks.

These have been pushed up out of the ground thousands of years ago. There is a large area of them.

Western Blue Jay

This guy came over to me and crawled on my shoe looking for a hand out.

Try to resist taking a picture of me.

The rocks and mountains gave way to the prarie as we moved into Wind Cave National Park.
This little guy was the sentinal. When he saw us, he blew the whisle on us, and about 30 of these
little guys bit the dust down their hole.

Well, almost all of them. This prarie dog has an eating problem.

You might say he has eaten himself out of house and home.

This turkey better stay in the park or he may end up on somebodys table this November.

This is Wind Cave, The 5th largest cave in the world. How big is it ? Over 117 miles of cave
has been explored and maped so far. They think that they have only seen less than 10% of
what is down there.

The part they let you tour goes down 540 steps or about 210 feet.
The best thing about this tour is they have an elevator to bring you back up to the surface.
This cave is unique because it is so dry it has no stalagmites and stalagtites.

There's a mountain goat.

We look up and his buddy is looking down at us.

These guys like it, on the rocks.

Not sure what is in store for tomorrow. Need to check the weather.
See you then,
Ralph & Prilly

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