Monday 10/23/00

Day 14

Hello again !
  Well today was our last day in Yosimite and last day here. Tomorrow we push on over route 120 and down into Navada and to Las Vagas.
 Today we when back to the floor to do some hiking. Five to six miles latter we had all the hiking we ever wanted.

First we went to Bridal Falls not much water but it was pretty.

Then we got this Idea to hike up to Vernal falls
the map said 1.5 miles we did not know they met air miles.

Prilly had to push back some rocks that had blocked the trail.

Here she comes bad knees and all. She does not look so chipper now. After the 1.5 miles they suprised us with about 800 steep steps. All that for this.

It was nice but when we were here last time in the
spring all the falls we on full blast. So my advice to you all
is come in the spring end of May. All is in bloom and water falls going strong.

The pool below the falls. I tryed to talk Prilly to jump in with me but the water temp was only 45.

Our last look into the vally.

 This was the first B&B that we have ever stayed at and most likly our last. The people that run it, last name is Pitts we should of had a clue. It was an ok room but had some surprises.
First breakfast was an experiance both of us we won't forget. What ever she has she throws in a pan cooks it up and gives it a fancy name. Then the topic of conversation is about there big sewer problem and them fighting with there neighbors about what to do about it. Both mornings that all we heard about.
When we got here we are told that there are only 1 places to get lunch and 2 places for dinner all at least 30 min away on a verry windy road. Then she tells us that we whould have to dress up for dinner and that my red sweater would just not do. Ok so where do we eat. Staying in the park is not a great idea. You are better off staying in Oakhurst and commuting into the park even though its about 50 miles.
Well onto Las Vegas

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