Wed Sept 28, 2005


We were so blessed, it's sunny and about 58 degrees.

We found Logan to be a friendly cozy town. We ate last night at Hamiltons Steak House
and found it to be a great place to eat. Friendly people and great food.

This morning we got up and did some shopping and then headed out to
Jackson on 89 through Logan Canyon.
Boy, where's Sue when you need her? We keep looking back at that empty seat and it's so quiet.
We sure miss our third amigo.

Prilly up early and ready to go.

Heading up Logan Canyon. The pictures say it all.

These were 3 sheep trying to hitch a ride. I asked them where their horny friends were.

There's my assistant.

Our first wild life encounter and are we blessed.
Let's see if we can get closer without getting moosed.

It's momma moose and her two babies.

Coming down to Bear Lake.

Now that's a blue lake.

Crossing into Idaho.

We drove into Mountpelier Idaho and there were signs everywhere. Beware of the bears.

I could'nt find any bears.

Talk about a major jail break.
Here about 200 sheep had broken out and were all over the road.
The man on horseback has four sheepherding dogs that are driving them back to their pen.

Hinnies and heels. If it's not buffalo, it's sheep.

There's some on that hill.

I'll get them.

I think this guy fell asleep watching the sheep. He was laying next to the pen, then stood up when we drove by.
Hard to get good help these days.

Our next treat was this fox that ran across the road in front of us.
I jumped out of the Jeep and tracked him down over a hill.
To my surprise he was sitting there looking at me.

Then he stood for this great picture.

On to Wyoming and Jackson Hole.

Coming into Jackson we saw this old church, at least we think that what it was.
As in the picture, it looked like a painting sitting there.

Such a great day !
Tomorrow Grand Teton National Park.
See you then,
Ralph & Prilly

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